iiwii Exhibition in Tokyo at OCHABI Gallery

オンラインギャラリー "iiwii" 日本での展示は御茶の水美術専門学校とのコラボレーションから始まります。 NYの熱気をそのままにiiwiiアーティストの作品を展示。さらに産学連携プロジェクトとなる学生たちとの共同PR研究の成果発表や、今後のアートの展望に関するトークショーを開催!

open 11:00 ~ 20:00

OCHABI ギャラリー

Web : ochabi.ac.jp


  • QWhat is iiwii? / iiwiiとは何ですか?

    • Aiiwii is an online gallery where the artist are able to showcase their own artwork to the world. Artist and actor Takumi Bando has created iiwii alongside selective, sharp artists. Adding to the fact that you will be able to see high quality art any time you please, we will be bringing out a side of art never seen before with the help of 3D/AR technology and the blockchain system.
  • QCan I enter without an invite? / 招待状を持っていませんが入場できますか?

    • AIt is free so anyone may enter.
  • QCan I take photos interview? / 撮影や取材はできますか?

    • APhotos are acceptable within the gallery. If you are a member of the press, we are grateful if you could contact us beforehand. For those wanting to interview, contact us at info@moriya-art.com
      取材をご希望の方は info@moriya-art.com こちらまでお願いいたします。


  • Takumi Bando

    Curator , Artist

    Takumi was born in 1977. After graduating Nihon University’s art department, Takumi moved to America, where he make a debut in the Clint Eastwood, Hollywood film “Letters from Iwojima”. Currently, Takumi is not only the host of the popular tv show “Bachelor Japan”, but also creates and designs costumes for NHK history dramas, makes murals made of deer skin leather, and also paints. In December, 2018, Takumi launched the company Moriya. And he is curating art exhibitions and creating space configurations.

    1977年生まれ。日本大学芸術学部を卒業後渡米。ハリウッド映画 『硫黄島からの手紙』 に主要キャストとして出演、『バチェラー・ジャパン』の司会、NHK大河ドラマの衣装製作、レザー・アーティスト、画家などとしても活動中。2018年12月、株式会社MORIYAを創業。本展のキュレーションと会場の空間構成も担う。

  • Ahn Sinjae


    Sinjae was born in Seoul, and after graduating Korea’s most prestigious private university, Yonsei University, she moved to America. In America, Sinjae graduated two art schools; New York’s Parsons School of Design and Los Angeles’s FIDM art department. Sinjae only began to create portrait paintings in 2017, but when posting them on Instagram and Facebook, received credibility and recognition as an artist from many artists and gallerists around the world. She paintings are all based on her own experiences, and the number she had drawn just in 2018 surpassed 100.

    ソウル生まれ。韓国ソウル・ヨンセ大学卒業後、渡米。NYパーソンズを卒業し、LAではFIDMにてVisual Artを修了。2017年より自らの体験をモチーフにしたポートレートを作成し、instagramやFacebookに投稿したところ、世界中のアーティストやギャラリストから注文を受けるようになる。一年間で描きためた作品は100枚以上。

  • Eiji Yuzawa


    Eiji was born in Kanagawa Prefecture’s Yokohama City in 1966. In 2006, he began expressing his art by taking pictures of animal skeletons, and in 2008, published his first book, “BONES: Animal Skeletons and their Beauty”. This became a controversial piece between art critics and biologists and made waves in magazines and newspaper articles.

    1966年神奈川県横浜市生まれ。独学で撮影技術を学ぶ。2008年に初の写真集となる『BONES 動物の骨格と機能美』(早川書房) を出版。これがアートと生物学双方の観点から話題となって多くの新聞・雑誌で高い評価を得る。その後、『BAROCCO 骨の造形美』(新潮社)『RALE BONES』(早川書房)数々の展示や出版を行い、2008年 資生堂『よむ花椿』にて仲條正義氏とコラボレーション。アメリカの写真専門誌 PDN(Photo District News) を始め様々なメディアに掲載されている。

  • Khayah


    Khayah aspired to a career in fashion and art from a young age, and at the young age of 19, held her own personal exhibition. When posting her artwork on instagram, she caught the attention of Takumi Bando and joined iiwii.


  • Takuro Okuda

    Doll artist

    Born in Gifu Prefecture, 1991. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2013. From 2015, he learned doll making from scratch, using clay, wood, iron, glass, resin and more to create his own world. He participated in the "7th Annual Doll Making Competition" and "2015 MIDOW Exhibition". He has held group exhibitions in mainly Kyoto and Tokyo.

    1991年岐阜生まれ。2013年京都造形芸術大学 卒業。2015年より独学で人形づくりを始め、粘土、木、鉄、ガラス、樹脂など多くの素材を扱い独自の世界を作り上げる。「第7回創作人形コンクール」「MIDOW展2015」にて入選。主に京都・東京でグループ展を開催。

  • Mikiko Minewaki

    Jewelry artist

    Mikiko was born in Akita, Japan in 1967. In 1989 she graduated the Hiko・Mizuno Jewelry College and became a teacher for this school in 1991. Starting from 1996, she began to create jewelry by recreating used plastic items. Each of her creations are thought outside the box, made using unique objects to adequately fit what is in the making such as bowls, dollar store lighters, plastic models, plastic capsules, and recently, stuffed animals. She has been a part of the global jewelry exhibition held in Munich, Germany, and has also taken part in exhibitions all around the world while holding independent exhibitions. She was a part of Tokyo Modern Art Museum’s first jewelry collection, as well as collections for the Francoise Van Den Bosch Foundation, the Australia Powerhouse Museum, the Pinakothek der Moderne Museum, the Norway National Museum of Art, and the National Museum of Modern Arts and Crafts Gallery. In 2015, Mikiko received the 2015 Germany Contemporary Jewelry Award Grand Prize.

    1989年にヒコ・みづのジュエリーカレッジを卒業し、1992年に同校講師となる。1996年頃からプラスチックの既製品を加工したジュエリーの制作を開始。ヨーロッパ各国で個展を開催。東京都現代美術館をはじめ、国内外の名だたる美術館等に作品が収蔵される。2015コンテンポラリージュエリーアワード(ドイツ) グランプリ受賞。2019年度にはドイツ・ミュンヘンの美術館にてキュレーションが決定している。

  • Mayu Fujisawa

    Dye painter

    Mayu grew up in America, and after moving back to Japan, began enrolling in Joshibi College of Art and Design’s Textile Design Course. She creates her art pieces by using a Japanese method called “Tsutsugaki” with a twist, where she uses handmade dye to dye fabric made of cotton. She is active in many areas in the art field. While taking part in energetic and vigorous art exhibitions, she has been personally offered to create the famous singer Kaera Kimura’s art book and more.


  • Hideto Hyodo

    Acrylic artist

    Hideto creates three-dimensional objects made of mainly acrylic that range from every day appliances to traditional cultural pieces. He is the CEO of Hyodo Industrial Arts Company, where he has taken charge of countless projects. For example, he established the Delivery Works in 2002. In 2006, he designed the Nike Hyper fuse collection, and in that same year, created the Christmas tree of the Peninsular Hotel. He also received 2 awards in 2011: the grand prize for the Japan Advertising Photographer’s Association 2011 Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Award, and the Tokyo ADC Award.

    アクリルを中心にプロダクトからアートピース、伝統文化から店舗什器まで、立体物のデザイン及び製作を行なう。(有)ひょうどう工芸取締役。2002年、デリバリーワークス―クス設立。2006年〜 NIKE Hiperfuse Collectionのデザインや、ペニンシュラホテルのクリスマスツリー製作など、その作風は多岐に渡る。2011年日本広告写真家協会APAアワード2011経済産業大臣賞(グランプリ)同年、東京ADC賞受賞。

  • Hideyuki Kato


    Hideyuki’s grandfather is the famous actor, Kato Daisuke, and his mother, Kurosawa Kazuko is the daughter of the world famous movie director, Kurosawa Akira. Since he was a child, Hideyuki was surrounded by movies and artwork, and when he graduated middle school, he helped his mother, a costume designer, with her work. He draws extremely detailed illustration drawings using pencil crayons, which recieved so much attention that he held a personal exhibition in multiple areas. From January, 2015, he was in charge of creating the cover page of the Studio Ghibli INC. magazine “Neppu” for one year. Recently, he has created costumes for movies and the NHK history drama “Segodon”.