Open call for Artist


iiwii(イーウィー)は今までにないアートの在り方、見せ方を創り出すオンラインギャラリーです。 アートの展示・販売のほか、アーティストマネジメントや、企業コラボレーションなど新しい試みでアートを広めています。

iiwiiは「アーティストの作品を世界に向けて発表する場所」として2019年6月1日にスタートしたました。7月のニューヨーク初個展を皮切りに、9月には産学連携プロジェクトとして御茶ノ水美術専門学校とコラボレーションを果たし、「渋谷の街をアートに」をテーマに行われたINVISIBLE ART in PUBLIC SHIBUYAではメインビジュアルを担当。
また12月に渋谷にオープンした「自分ブランド研究所 - プリントーン」との提携によりオリジナルグッズ販売を開始。






メールの場合は まで。


How would you like to join iiwii?

iiwii is an online gallery that creates a new principle and representation of art. Apart from art exhibitions and merchandise, iiwii is spreading art through various new business collaborations.
We are looking for artist that will resonate with our activities and spread their wings to the world.

On June 1st, 2019, the online gallery iiwii started as “a place for artists to showcase their art to the world”.
In July of that year iiwii held its first exhibition in New York, the following September collaborated with Ochanomizu Bijutsu Gakuin on an industry-academia project, and was responsible for the main visual of “INVISIBLE ART in PUBLIC SHIBUYA” with the theme of “turning the streets of Shibuya into ART”.
In December, iiwii started to create original products with the cooperation of Shibuya‘s “Self-branding Lab” Printone. In 2020, iiwii held private exhibitions for art fans in multiple areas, and is surely and rapidly expanding art.

For example, iiwii

・Holds domestic and international exhibitions on a regular basis
・Has a page designated to the artist allowing them to showcase their artwork to the world
・Makes collaborations with top-class artists a possibility
・Allows participation of solely artwork, giving the artist freedom to do outside activities without restrictions
→the possibility of an exclusive contract (negotiable)
・Has no participation fee
・Uses the block-chain system, allowing artists to receive money from secondary and tertiary art transactions

Recruitment Conditions

・Someone with a strong will and determination to become an artist.
・Someone with a unique presentation.
・No age restriction
・No nationality restriction (required to speak English or Japanese)
・No genre restriction
・No restriction of publicized or unpublicized artwork
・No experience required

How to apply

First, please contact us through the contact form, or send an email to " " Please send us pictures of your profile and artwork (about 3 pictures) or a link to your SNS account in order to see your artwork, and a paragraph about yourself. We will reply to you within a week.