The Jellyfish

Mayu Fujisawa

Swimming and collecting in the ocean

Beautifully patterned cloth

Charming butterfly lace

Bewitching barnacles

The Jellyfish swims and searches today






titleThe Jellyfish

H190 W430 D20 (mm)

materialCotton cloth with a sheet of dyes, pigments
shippingXS or B About the delivery fee


Mayu Fujisawa Dye painter

Mayu grew up in America, and after moving back to Japan, she began enrolling in Joshibi College of Art and Design’s Textile Design Course.

She received an outstanding performance award for her graduation artwork piece.

She creates her art pieces by using a Japanese method called “Tsutsugaki” while incorporating her own methods using a light handmade dye color to dye fabric made of cotton.

Her artwork is expressed through animals, plants and nature.

Mayu’s artwork is displayed in museums, department stores and energetic art exhibitions, and she has collaborated with the famous singer Kaera Kimura for the magazine Nylon Japan, which later turned into an art book.

Her work is also the main visual for the first-floor elevators for the shopping centers Lumine Yokohama and Lumine Shinjuku.