iiwii will be holding the very first exhibition in New York!









ジュエリーイラストレーション写真陶芸人形衣装 などを展示。



会期: 2019年 7/25 ~ 7/28

7/25 プレスプレゼンテーション

7/26 ~ 28 一般公開


会場: One Art Space 

23 Warren Street, Street level Gallery 1,

New York, NY 10007



Special page of the exhibition


The forte of iiwii is that there is an alignment of art that artists can only dream of. AR technology and

the blockchain system will become less unknown as time passes, but the art will always call to the essense of the artist. There is “something” that draws the artists essense, and it is here.

At our exhibition, of course there will be paintings and sculptures, but to add to this there is jewelry, illustrations, photographs, pottery, dolls, and costumes. Please enjoy these art pieces that have been sublimated from the stimulation we have felt from culture to art.


Session: July 25-28, 2019

July 25- Press presentation

July 26-July 28- Public release


Place: One Art Space

23 Warren Street, Streel level Gallery 1,

New York, NY 10007





iiwii The 1st Exhibition in New York
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